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Raw Frozen Dog Food Raw Frozen Dog Food Raw Frozen Dog Food

Raw Frozen Dog Food

Mountain Dog Food

Raw dog food is the Natural Dog Food

Bark Avenue in Barrie features Mountain Dog Food

This phrase leads us to believe that a diet for dogs must trend towards a center or norm. This is true in itself; however that is not what the processed manufacturers really mean. Their version relates to the chemical make-up of their product. In their view a balanced diet is combination of base protein, heat separated fats, and mineralized vitamin compounds that try to duplicate the daily requirements for pets.


What is in our food?
Just raw natural ingredients!

We use meat from inspected sources that is either ground or left whole. The ground meat is packaged and frozen for your convenience.

For our meat and vegetable mixtures, raw meat is mixed with fresh fruits and vegetables and ground together to produce a 30% veggie, 70% meat blend. We encourage you to add leftover vegetables to your dog's meals!

Our vegetable and fruit mixture includes carrots, celery, apples, yams and dehydrated alfalfa.

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Last Updated On: April 18, 2016
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